Ben Graham


Strategic Services

Post-sales business optimizations through technology and deep knowledge of industry

Data Engineering

Collecting, sanitizing and centralizing big data for analytics and machine learning use cases

Full Stack Development

Creating a fully encapsulated digital product - from idea to implementation.

Product Management

Developing, planning, and forecasting exciting new opportunities


Manager at Pariveda

Currently leading a data science and analytics team in Healthcare to optimize marketing and reputation efforts nationwide.

Associate at Pariveda

As an associate I was responsible for feature planning, project estimation, issues management, risk management and change control within my data science and engineering team.

Consultant at Pariveda

Worked on experienced teams to deliver technology and strategy solutions to clients. Most experiences involved working with clients to understand business requirements, and then designing, coding and testing the solutions.

Cirtual LLC

Consultant and lead android developer working in tandem with the iOS division.

Researcher at Florida International University

Conducted independent cybersecurity research on Visible Light Communication


Parametric 3D Modeling2024

Rearchitected a 3D model generator with pandas and created a frontend website to generate custom 3D printable mirrors capable of using the sun to reflect any words or phrases onto a surface.

Data Science2023

Managed a data science team using Pandas to perform analytics and optimize marketing efforts for an organization in Healthcare.

Data Engineering2021

Created data analysis tools for rapid development in Databricks, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Lake.

Machine Learning2020

Automated machine learning environments for a Fortune 10 company enabling data scientists to quickly mount data for model training and evaluation and deploy models to production endpoints.

Data Engineering2019

Created a robust ingestion engine automated to copy structured data from multiple on-prem sources into a cloud data lake for machine learning and analysis.

Retail Energy2018-2019

Developed and implemented the core data platform for a Fortune 500 company. The platform consisted of a costing and pricing engine with a backtesting system to continuously improve mathematical models based on a current and historical flow of sales and purchases.

Non Profit2017

Developed a web first mobile app to promote pet adoption for the Houston animal shelter, BARC.


Developer on a dual platform mobile app designed to reduce medical wait times by automatically checking patients in and informing them when doctors are running behind.


Let's Work Together

My passion is problem-solving. If you want to dive into new exciting fields, grow your business to reach its full potential, or even share your own projects, please reach out. I'll provide a plan for the best path forward to meet your goals.